Saturday, 3 March 2007

Where do I start...

Well, I'm not very good at this whole blogging thing, almost 6 months since my last post.

Hmmm let’s see… I had my first thanksgiving dinner in November with Jacque and ate pumpkin pie for the first time. Took a trip to Berlin, feels so long ago now but had a great time, It was quite something to actually see the wall. Some amazing museums there but the Pergamon was outstanding with Gate of Ishtar from Babylon.

My first time crossing the Atlantic! To some nothing new but I have never experienced Jet lag like that. Washington was an amazing place for me, I saw things that I had only read about and had never dreamed of being there. It is a beautiful city with some remarkable sites. From all the memorial sites to the museums to the people, to the home of the president! what an experience this was for a little African boy :)

The highlight of the trip, I must say was meeting Jacques family and friends, it was such a pleasure to get to know them.

You know, one has their own perception of the USA but until you actually go there it’s quite different to how I imagined. Yes, everything is bigger, most things. Almost everyone drives a big 4x4 which has never or very seldom been off road, something I will probably never understand. The superstores are massive and you can literally get “anything” you want. I thought it was good here in England, little did I know! It reminds me of my first time in Tescos (supermarket), I stood there in awe as I looked upon a whole row of bread, rows of cheese and meats, there was even a meal in a box which could be ready in 5 mins, this was just too much for me and the choice was overwhelming. I ended up going to the little corner shop for the first couple of weeks, sounds stupid I know but we have no idea how lucky we are living in such places.

I would certainly love to go back and visit one day!

I start a new position in Oxford within the company I work for on the 19th, very exciting as the office will now be 4 miles from the house. Bring out the bicycle! They say you never forget how to ride a bike, I hope it’s true.

Brandenburg Gate

The Sans Souci in Potsdam

Christmas at the Holtons

The White House (Kaya ku George)


Jeremiah said...

It was almost three months since I've blogged before today, so you're not the only one who took a blogging hiatus.

Mike, it was great to meet you this week, I hope the Lord blesses you in your time in Oxford and with Jacque.

Jacque said...

What wonderful pictures. Just got to tell you - the expression on your face when you first tasted iced tea was priceless.

I'm so glad you were there for Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike ... John & Jena here .. great blog, thanks. Needless to say, it was a pleasure having you. Jena says to send more pictures.... Truly, Washington is a beautiful city .. very different from London and the great capitols of Europe.
Sorry, Mike, I''ve really given Marmite a good try, but just can't handle it ... it will be here for you when you return to our house. I'll introduce you to Spam. :>)